Hidden Havens: The Splendour of Renting Your Own Private Island


Renting a private island transforms the act of travel into a narrative of its own. Here, specialist Natalia Faeh shares her insider recommendations.

An age-old question: “If marooned on a desert island, what would you bring?” Imagine not having to consider any means of survival? Instead, your focus can be on how best to manage your indulgences—like a personal entourage of staff, culinary feasts by Michelin-starred chefs, private concerts, and the exclusive comforts of a luxury resort.

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It’s a chance to craft a story—an adventure—that remains unparalleled and deeply personal. It’s the sensation of being the sole custodian of an entire island, where the boundaries of the world recede.

Fancy making that dream come true? Here are the top private islands available for rent right now…

Ithaafushi Private Island, Maldives

“Paradise Found”? Nestled in the heart of the Maldives, Ithaafushi (whose name in the local Dhivehi language means “Pearl Island”) embodies the untarnished elegance of the archipelago paradise. A testament to opulence and exclusivity, this private sanctuary, helmed by Waldorf Astoria, elevates the concept of luxury to new heights, inviting discerning guests to indulge in an unmatched experience for up to 24 esteemed visitors.


Accessible via a leisurely 40-minute yacht journey from Malé, the Maldives’ capital, Ithaafushi emerges as a cocoon of seclusion and lavishness. Encompassing a sprawling 344,445 square feet, the island is a canvas of refined sophistication, adorned with exquisite artworks and meticulous details that tantalise every sense.

The accommodations—comprising two-bedroom overwater villas, three-bedroom beach villas and four-bedroom residences—redefine the boundaries of luxury living. Each villa boasts a private pool, whilst the island also boasts a magnificent 115-foot infinity pool. Ensuring an unparalleled living experience, a dedicated 24-hour personal concierge stands ready to cater to every whim, accompanied by round-the-clock housekeeping services. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees that guests’ sojourn on the island unfolds seamlessly.

Ithaafushi offers an array of activities for guests of all ages. Whether exploring the island by bicycle, engaging in friendly competition on the tennis court or immersing yourselves in the world of beach games, every moment is one to be cherished.


 Water enthusiasts can enjoy diving expeditions with encounters with wild turtles and whale sharks as part of an extensive selection of water sports. At the state-of-the-art gym, equipped with the latest innovations, guests can engage personal trainers for bespoke daily workouts. For those seeking serenity, a dedicated yoga pavilion provides a haven for mindfulness and balance.

The spa wellness concierge, committed to fulfilling guests’ desires, orchestrates daily therapeutic massages in private rooms with breath-taking water vistas, enhanced by the rejuvenating aura of Himalayan salt therapies. Ithaafushi is not merely a destination: it is a sanctuary where luxury takes on a new dimension, inviting privileged guests to immerse themselves in the epitome of extravagance and refinement.


Isla Sa Ferradura, Spain

Nestling in Ibiza’s opulent conservation zone, Isla Sa Ferradura is a hidden gem. This exclusive destination is perfect for those seeking a luxurious experience, offering unmatched luxury from the moment you arrive. With a price tag of €300,000 per week, it’s no surprise that this stunning haven has welcomed distinguished guests like Elon Musk and Lionel Messi.

Isla Sa Ferradura is often referred to as “The Island of Billionaires”. It maintains an air of privilege while operating discreetly, resembling a private villa, yet upholding the precision and service excellence expected from a seven-star hotel. Its guest list remains confidential and includes celebrities, politicians and renowned billionaires.


Situated amid lush cliffs with views of a protected natural area for a rare seabird, the Balearic shearwater, the property encompasses a 3.5-hectare rocky peninsula connected to Ibiza by a narrow sandy strip. Completely surrounded by the Mediterranean, the residence offers unparalleled sea views unmatched by any other new construction on Ibiza. Guests even have the option to anchor their superyachts in front of Isla Sa Ferradura, creating an oceanic playground.

You can enjoy have an entire island at your disposal, along with a dedicated team of 27 staff members. Isla Sa Ferradura excels in providing opulent experiences, including outdoor dining under starry skies and private performances and events for memorable evenings can also be arranged.

Leisure options include two elegant pools, a gym and a wellness area with a jacuzzi and traditional hammam. For adventure enthusiasts, jet-skis are available on the villa’s shores, offering opportunities to explore the calm waters with minimal interruption.

Tagomago Island, Spain

Often described as “Nirvana on Earth”, Tagomago Island is a neighbour to Isla Sa Ferradura, located just 900 metres from the vibrant shores of Ibiza. This exclusive sanctuary seamlessly blends serene privacy with the pulsating rhythm of Ibiza’s life, just a few moments away. Situated between the famous party island and Formentera, the island boasts a 600,000-square-metre modern masterpiece of a luxury villa.

This remarkable property features five master bedrooms, each with its own ensuite, a bespoke kitchen fit for culinary artists and amenities reminiscent of a James Bond film. The island caters exclusively to a select spectrum of ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Those fortunate enough to visit come to create cherished memories with friends and family, whether for a special event like an exclusive wedding or a series of intimate private gatherings far from the glare of the spotlight.


Guests make a dramatic entrance to the island by boat, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. You can charter a yacht to the nearby Formentera, a picturesque, small island renowned for its crystal-clear waters and unspoiled sands. This hidden gem is easily accessible from Tagomago, allowing you to spend hours exploring the island, savouring local gastronomy and embracing the serene allure of a spot that can only be reached by boat.

Tagomago Island provides an exceptional experience with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the highest standards of luxury and privacy. Whether you’re looking for a romantic escape, a grand celebration or a peaceful retreat, this island in the heart of the Mediterranean will tick all the boxes.

Mamula Island, Montenegro

Situated in the Adriatic, at the entrance of the Bay of Kotor, Mamula Island’s historical significance lies in the mid-19th-century fortress constructed during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Today, this islet has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from a historical monument into an exclusive luxury destination for discerning vacationers.


The island is accessible both by sea and sky. It boasts a helipad for elite arrivals via helicopter, with daily rates starting at approximately €100,000. The fortress, once a vigilant guardian of the bay and later a wartime prison, has been meticulously restored and transformed into an opulent boutique hotel. Developers have artfully balanced preserving the island’s historical integrity with offering modern opulence, creating an exceptional destination for travellers in search of a unique experience.

Exclusive rental of the entire island includes the privilege of accommodating numerous guests in the boutique hotel, which features 32 exquisite rooms. The hotel offers a range of superior facilities, including a top-tier spa that seamlessly combines spiritual nourishment with cutting-edge treatments like floatation tanks and halotherapy rooms. Guests can indulge in rejuvenating massages, skincare treatments and holistic practices such as yoga, sound therapy and ancient healing ceremonies.


A stay on Mamula Island is also a gastronomic journey. It offers a dynamic dining experience involving talented chefs, providing an opportunity to master the art of local dishes and take a piece of Mamula’s culinary essence home.

While Mamula Island is a sanctuary of privacy, it graciously opens its doors to guests for bespoke events, offering a stunning backdrop for performances and enlightening workshops. This is a unique opportunity to inscribe your own chapter into the island’s storied narrative while indulging in the modern comforts of luxury on one of Europe’s most unique private islands.

Félicité Island, Seychelles

Situated in the Indian Ocean, Félicité Island is a part of the Seychelles archipelago, boasting the renowned Six Senses Zil Pasyon retreat. This private island is celebrated for its ecological importance, offering visitors a genuine encounter with the natural splendour of the Seychelles. At Six Senses Zil Pasyon, guests are treated to a nurturing experience for mind, body, and soul. The island’s exclusive rental includes access to a personalised wellness programme.


Guests may opt for a wellness consultation with Dr. Delvin, a specialist in Ayurvedic medicine. This traditional Indian system employs various treatments, such as yoga, massage, acupuncture and herbal medicine, all part of the comprehensive panchakarma (‘five actions’) approach to promoting health and wellbeing. The resort’s spa, a haven of wellness, incorporates biometric technology. It sits amidst ancient granite formations, connecting guests to the island’s primal beauty.

The villas and residences on Félicité Island are paragons of sustainable luxury, offering secluded spaces with expansive ocean views. Their eco-conscious design harmonises with the tropical forest, ensuring privacy and an immersive experience in nature. Six Senses is dedicated to preserving this natural paradise, with guests encouraged to explore the island’s rejuvenated flora and fauna with ecologist Steve Hill. The island’s beaches, such as Grand Anse, are vital nesting sites for hawksbill sea turtles, reflecting the resort’s commitment to environmental stewardship.


Dining on the island is a special experience. The menus, influenced by local Creole cuisine, use fresh ingredients from the resort’s organic garden. Six Senses Zil Pasyon represents a true fusion of environmental mindfulness, architectural excellence and unparalleled hospitality, offering a truly unique and memorable stay.

Natalia Faeh is a prominent real estate adviser, specialising in exclusive holiday destinations worldwide. As the founder and CEO of Oracle Edition Real Estate, she has worked with many in the public eye who were seeking privacy.

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