Introducing, Talana Bestall’s Life Calling: The Alma Wellness Festival in Ibiza


WAWW editors Veronica Kohlbecker and Elena Leo explore the transformative influence of Isla Blanca.

Orchestrated by a woman known for her success with venues like Chiltern Firehouse and Six Senses Ibiza, The Alma Festival embodies Bestall’s commitment to holistic wellness. With a career firmly rooted in lifestyle and hospitality, her latest venture aims to bring wellness enthusiasts and industry leaders together on the captivating island of Ibiza. Our senior editors explored by a programme carefully curated by healers and spiritual practitioners.

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From the Success of Alma 2023 to the Anticipation of Alma 2024

The Alma Festival, held at the Six Senses Ibiza in 2023, marked a significant moment in the wellness calendar. An event that united the best wellness experts, it featured a diverse range of activities, from sound healing and high-intensity workouts to transformative yoga sessions.

“It’s important to get out of your comfort zone and learn something new,” explains Talana of the event’s philosophy. “Everyone has their own path, and that’s why there are so many programmes and sessions. It’s not one size fits all.”


Talana promises a “fully immersive experience” at the Alma Festival in 2024, which is scheduled for October 24-27. She believes in the transformative power of sharing knowledge and practices for a balanced life, and this is reflected in the festival’s diverse offerings.

“The festival is about illuminating all these amazing practices, and if someone can take home a little bit of that, that’s magical,” she says. “Because even if it’s a daily meditation, a sound bath or a breathwork session, they can be a bit more fulfilled, happier and balanced.”


The Spiritual and Healing Core of Alma

Talana’s words encapsulate the core of what the Alma Wellness Festival aims to offer: a personalised journey towards wellbeing that extends beyond the festival, carrying a piece of Ibiza’s magic into daily life.

Alma, which Spanish for ‘soul’, embodies the essence of Ibiza’s magical energy and the vibrancy of its healing community. Talana describes the festival as a platform to highlight the island’s unique healers and wellness practices. The 2023 festival set a precedent by offering a multitude of programmes and sessions catering to diverse paths in personal wellness. The ethos of Alma is not just to fit all attendees but to provide an array of choices, encouraging participants to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new learning experiences.


Alma 2024: A Promise of Transformation and Discovery

Talana says that the festival aims to be a transformative event, emphasising the sharing of knowledge and practices for a balanced life. This is evident in the festival’s wide range of offerings, which are designed to not only enlighten but also provide tools for attendees to integrate wellness into their everyday lives, extending the magic of Ibiza beyond the festival’s days.


The festival serves as a platform for both local and international practitioners, highlighting their significant contributions to the field of wellness. Talanaenvisions the festival as an evolving entity, and plans to expand its reach beyond Ibiza, possibly onto digital platforms, making its curated experiences more accessible. “It’s my soul and passion to bring light to how people can experience wellness,” Talana muses.

Her approach to merging wellbeing, luxury and lifestyle is not just about organising a festival but also crafting a remarkable community. This community is characterised by shared knowledge, experiences and growth, offering a unique journey to those daring to participate. The aim is to create a more fulfilled, harmonious and happier life for each attendee, influenced by the serenity of Ibiza and the spirituality Talanaespouses.


Her vision brings together the essence of Ibiza’s healing community, offering an oasis for those seeking a deeper connection with their wellbeing. The festival’s blend of diverse wellness practices, expert insights and a community-centric approach creates a unique tapestry that extends beyond the days of the event.


Click here to register your interest in Alma Festival 2024, which runs from 24th-27th October


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