Destinations of the Future: Ocean—Editors’ Letter


Veronica Kohlbecker, Hershey Gargash and the WAWW Crew welcome you to the inaugural issue of a series which redefines travel reportage.

Dear Journeyers and Dreamers,

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Welcome to a pioneering journey with What A Wonderful World (WAWW), a leading online travel magazine, as we unveil our latest endeavour: ‘Destinations of the Future’, a ground-breaking collaboration with Robb Report UK. Far from being merely a set of guides, this series is a portal to the future of travel, showcasing the most exciting innovations and destinations that are shaping our world. Our first issue, Ocean, marks the beginning of a ten-issue odyssey, soon to be followed by captivating themes like Forest, Desert, Islands and Road, each offering a unique glimpse into the future of travel.

At the helm of WAWW are founders Veronica Kohlbecker and Hershey Gargash, who have decades of combined experience in media, fashion, luxury branding, TV, event production and lifestyle magazines. Their travels through the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia inform the unique vision of WAWW. Joined by Elena Leo and Andrea Maslovar in editorial and Marcus Leitch in design, along with WAWW Ambassadors and a network of international travel experts, they bring to life the vision behind these guides.


In true WAWW spirit, ‘Destinations of the Future: Ocean’ encapsulates our ethos of exploring without boundaries, embracing adventure and discovering transformative experiences. The content you will find here, unfolding over the coming weeks, invites you on an exploratory voyage through the enigmatic and boundless world of the world’s seas.

Diving into the heart of this issue, Elena Leo, our Director of Editorial, will be conversing with Patrick Lahey, the visionary CEO of Triton Submarines (see above picture), discussing the thrilling prospects of underwater travel. Elsewhere, industry experts Brent Woodson and Alena Lesina will unravel the allure of the Caribbean’s best investment islands, from the renowned Anguilla to the hidden gem of Île-à-Vache in Haiti (pictured below).

Luxury property aficionado Natalia Faeh will cast her gaze across the globe, curating a list of the most exclusive islands available for private rental—a journey from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean. Additionally, seasoned veterans of the luxury cruise industry, Ian Buckeridge and Robin Maclear, will unveil the latest luxury ships from prestigious names like Aman and Four Seasons: vessels that redefine the concept of floating resorts.

Our forthcoming content also spotlights the emergence of new waterside resorts, sustainable hotspots and creative hubs, stretching from the shores of Saudi Arabia to the vibrant coast of Bali and beyond. Adventure seekers will be thrilled with our features on expeditions to remote and exhilarating locations like Antarctica, Papua New Guinea and the West Coast of Africa.


We will highlight hotels like the new SHA in Mexico, Six Senses La Sagesse in Grenada and Kisawa in Mozambique, all of which blend exceptional design with wellness innovations. Additionally, Veronica Kohlbecker’s visit to Ibiza to meet Talana Bestall, creator of the Alma wellness festival, will offer unique insights into holistic well-being.

Thank you for joining us as we embark on this extraordinary voyage with ‘Destinations of the Future’. Here’s to exploring new horizons and uncovering the wonders that lie beyond.

Bon Voyage,

Veronica, Hershey, and the WAWW Crew

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