The ‘Reset Retreat’ Is Helping Leaders Battle Burnout in a Tropical Blue Zone

The experience was designed to teach busy entrepreneurs how to avoid the health consequences of overexertion at work and reconnect with the physical realm.

In today’s hyper-connected and success-obsessed world, burnout among leaders has emerged as a silent epidemic. As the pressure to work harder and produce faster mounts, those in high-stakes executive roles often neglect to consistently engage outside the demands of the professional sphere. This intense, prolonged stress can result in negative health consequences—both physical and mental. 

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Responding to a growing movement focused around biohacking and the role of wellness in business, serial entrepreneur Ben Lee and bestselling wellness author Oz Garcia have cultivated  ‘The Reset Retreat.’ This exclusive men’s getaway offers a unique pathway for burntout leaders to reconnect with their deepest selves. Based in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, one of the world’s five known blue zones (areas recognized for the longevity of their native populations,) they aim to help overworked individuals regain their sense of purpose and presence through therapeutic exercises and physical crafts in paradise.

The retreat artfully combines luxury and intentional labor, with many of the experiences grounded in activities dubbed “Men’s work.” Guests are invited to reconnect with their innermost selves through traditionally masculine tasks like woodworking sessions and permaculture farming. They can also participate in guided exercises like surfing, martial arts training, and outdoor fitness sessions. When the day’s work is done, attendees can unwind in their upscale tropical abode and enjoy cuisine prepared by a Michelin-trained chef.

The benefits of the retreat extend beyond guests’ five days of attendance. During their stay, Oz Garcia works with each individual to uncover their personal roadblocks to wellness, and helps them to create a custom health plan that supercharges their return to normal life. Garcia is a renowned authority on healthy aging, and has built his wellness empire working with high-profile clients like Gwenyth Paltrow and Heidi Klum along with several Fortune 100 CEOs. An avid entrepreneur himself, Garcia can deeply relate to the barriers that entrepreneurs and executives may face when it comes to their health journey. As physical well-being becomes increasingly recognized as a tenet of success in business, Garcia’s expertise play a vital role in the long-term benefits of attendance.

The retreat is the brainchild of Ben Lee, who began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of eight. After nearly two decades of burning the candle at both ends as an executive for multiple startups, his path took an unexpected turn. He was diagnosed with Lyme disease, and subsequently, two other auto-immune conditions. As Lee battled with his health woes, he noticed that his quality of work—and life—had also begun to deteriorate. That’s when he reached an inevitable conclusion: something had to change.

In an effort to restore his declining health, Lee moved to Costa Rica. As he assimilated with the local culture, he discovered the mystical effect of living in the jungle.

“I never had to do manual labor growing up,” recalls Lee. “I had no idea how to change a tire,  work with my hands, or even clean up after myself. I always had help. That needed to change.” 

He observed that, in addition to the restorative nature of doing physical work, his newfound separation from the conventional corporate atmosphere seemed to rejuvenate his mental abilities. His former fixation on financial success derived from digital interactions evolved into a more conscious, present mindset. Through this transformation, he found that his new perspective nurtured both his well-being and his business endeavors.

Grounded in his personal journey, Lee, along with Garcia, has designed ‘The Reset Retreat’ as a multi-dimensional escape fostering personal growth, discovery, and long-term wellness. By enabling attendees to learn new skills, adopt physical practices, and create a community based on shared experiences, Lee hopes to spearhead a new form of success among today’s leaders. 

“Men need leisure outside of a digital interface to feel fulfilled,” Lee postulates. “We’ve forgotten about the genuine inner peace that can come from tapping into the physical world and working with our hands.”

An alternative to the continuous digital immersion characterizing our modern life, ‘The Reset Retreat’ is a groundbreaking experience for execs seeking holistic success—both in business, and in life. Designed to evoke the joy of working hands-on and facilitate a deep connection with nature, the program provides an outlet from the crushing pressure of the digital world.  In highlighting the symbiotic relationship between health and wealth, the retreat effectively articulates that, even for the world’s highest achievers, success begins with the self.

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