Our favorite hotel restaurants: Le Jardin de Russie

Le Jardin de Russie

An Italian Culinary Extravaganza in the Heart of Rome.

Nestled at the foot of the Pincio hillside in Rocco Forte’s Hotel de Russie, amidst billowing pines and flourishing citrus trees, Le Jardin de Russie stands as a culinary oasis in the heart of Rome, offering an exquisite dining experience in one of the city’s most exclusive settings.

The restaurant’s elegant dining room sets the stage for an immersive journey into refined Italian cuisine, masterfully curated by Executive Chef Alessandro Buffolino in collaboration with the renowned Fulvio Pierangelini. Le Jardin de Russie pays homage to Roman tradition and ingredients, boasting a mouthwatering menu that showcases local specialties, including the exquisite local favorite “cacio e pepe” ravioli, the classic spaghetti with fresh tomato and basil, and a sea bass baked to perfection with pink Himalayan salt.

Renowned for its commitment to providing an exceptional level of service and culinary artistry, Le Jardin de Russie underwent a meticulous restoration in October 2021. Drawing inspiration from the historic nineteenth-century “winter garden” of the Hotel de Russie, the transformation brought artist Gio Bressana into the restaurant setting for the first time. Bressana’s immersive art, featuring parrots, butterflies, strawberry bushes, and citrus trees, creates a magical atmosphere, inviting patrons into a scene of enchantment.

Le Jardin de Russie

During the summer months, the restaurant opens its doors to the Secret Garden of the Hotel, where ancient trees and rose gardens become the backdrop for the same exquisite dishes. This extension of Le Jardin de Russie allows guests to savor their culinary delights in the midst of nature, enhancing the overall dining experience. Sitting in the garden for your dinner is nothing less of a dream.

Le Jardin de Russie is not merely a restaurant; it’s an embodiment of Roman luxury and culinary sophistication. Whether you’re on a Roman vacation or seeking an escape into conviviality and exceptional cuisine, the restaurant’s immersive environment provides the perfect setting. Chef Fulvio Pierangelini’s culinary offerings, coupled with the enchanting ambiance curated by Gio Bressana, ensure that each visit to Le Jardin de Russie is an unforgettable culinary journey through the heart of Rome’s gastronomic excellence.

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