Capital Gains: Saint James Hotel, Paris

Capital Gains Saint James Hotel Paris

Paris’s only ‘chateau hotel’ is arguably also its best – if cosy-chic splendour takes your fancy.

Nestled in the heart of Paris, the Saint James Hotel stands as a beacon of luxury, seamlessly blending historical charm with a home-spun atmosphere of blissful domesticity. This exclusive establishment, located in the upscale, leafy 16th arrondissement, is a haven for discerning travellers seeking an unparalleled experience and a home away from home.

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Built in the 19th century, the hotel is a former private mansion whose neoclassical architecture exudes an air of timeless sophistication. From the moment guests step into the tastefully ornate lobby, they are transported to a world in which every detail speaks of unparalleled elegance and history.

Following a recent reimagining by French interior designer Laura Gonzalez, each of the hotel’s 50 rooms and suites (two of which, on the ground floor, have terraces) boasts a unique décor tastefully applying classic elements (think parquets and Art Deco flourishes) with a contemporary spin (fabrics are by the likes of Maison Pierre Frey), with comfort and style consistently singing in harmony. Larger apartments with private gardens are also on offer, for those looking to avoid the itinerant feeling and make themselves even more at home.

Whichever they choose, guests can relax in the premises’ former library that now serves as its bar, or enjoy drinks outside in the lush private gardens, providing an intimate connection with the romantic essence of Paris.

Gourmands will delight in the culinary offerings at the hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant, Bellefeuille, where a symphony of flavours created by a highly talented culinary (headed up by Executive Chef Julien Dumas) tantalises the palate. Exclusively seasonal in his approach, Dumas “favours the work of artisans of the land and sea who practice authentic methods and offer high taste and nutritional quality,” as he puts it. “I’m passionate about the ocean, its fish, its molluscs, its algae and its seaside grasses,” he adds.

This exquisite dining experience is complemented by an extensive wine list, showcasing the finest vintages from France and beyond. Diners who are also animal lovers should look out for the hotel’s longest resident: a cat who regularly wanders the premises, and has become one of the many small details that help make this feel like a genuine – extremely refined – home.

For those wishing to wind down from the French capital’s pulsating rhythms, the Saint James Hotel boasts a Guerlain spa that pampers guests with a range of rejuvenating treatments. The wellness facilities, including a fitness centre and a serene indoor pool, invite visitors to unwind and recharge in an atmosphere of pure indulgence.

What truly sets the Saint James Hotel apart is its commitment to personalised service. The dedicated staff seem to anticipate, then fulfil, every guest’s desire, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable stay. Whether arranging exclusive city tours or private events in the hotel’s lush garden, the team goes above and beyond to create a bespoke experience for each visitor – and especially those among us who are looking for something that little bit different to the average hotel stay.

In short, this establishment is at the pinnacle of authentically homely yet high-end accommodation in the City of Light. Its rich history, combined with modern amenities and unwavering attention to detail, make it a haven for those who seek the finest in hospitality. For those yearning for a Parisian escape that transcends the ordinary, the Saint James Hotel beckons with open arms, promising an experience that will linger in the heart and memory.

The Prestige Suite starts at around €2,000.
5 Place du Chancelier, Adenauer 75016, Paris
(+33 (0)1 44 05 81 81 /

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