This Spanish Space Balloon Will Start Flying From Seville to the Stratosphere Next Year


The price per passenger will range from €150,00 to €200,00. © EOS-X SPACE

EOS-X Space is aiming to begin flights in the third quarter of 2025.

One futuristic space balloon could be up, up, and away as soon as next year. EOS-X Space, the first Spanish space exploration company, has just announced that its Spaceship capsules will be ready to fly passengers to the outer edge of the stratosphere by 2025.

The aim is to start running flights from the company’s headquarters in Seville and from the city of Abu Dhabi around the third quarter of next year. The company says it is spending more than €200 million on engineering and development in both countries to get fliers in the skies. It is also currently in a multi-million dollar investment round led by U.S. investment bank FTI Capital Advisor.

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Citation Longitude

At the same time, company founder and CEO Kemel Kharbachi is finalizing the development of the Spaceship capsules and locking in the necessary validation tests. The company expects trials “will take place soon,” with the help of military pilots and the National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA).

The pressurized carbon-fiber Spaceship, which the company first floated as an idea in 2020, will be propelled by a zero-emission, helium-filled balloon. It will reportedly fly seven passengers and one pilot to an altitude of 131,234 feet, or about 25 miles above the Earth. Each flight will take around five hours, with the capsule launching from the base at dawn, ascending for two hours, cruising at altitude for another two hours, and then descending over one more hour to land.

The upscale interior of each capsule is outfitted with plush ergonomic seats, panoramic windows through which you can enjoy otherworldly views, an onboard bar, and a bathroom. The price per passenger will range from €150,00 to €200,00. Those flying out of Seville can also check out immersive experiences at the company’s SpaceHub Complex in La Isla de la Cartuja and stay in an ultra-luxury hotel in the city.

EOS-X Space isn’t the only company in the stratospheric space race, of course: One French and two American firms are also working on massive space balloons and pressurized capsules. All three crafts are similar in design and capability, so the respective companies are now trying to best each other with luxury amenities. U.S. outfit Space Perspective is incorporating a “Space Spa” into its Spaceship Neptune, while French competitor Zephalto will offer an onboard menu from a Michelin-starred chef. Stateside competitor World View has also touted luxe in-flight dining and bar service. The race is on, folks.

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