Röshults Launches New Outdoor Furniture For Summer in the Riviera

Luxury outdoor kitchen and furniture Röshults

The Swedish brand also unveils a new flagship showroom in Milan’s prestigious Vie 5 district.

Luxury outdoor kitchen and furniture connoisseur Röshults has unveiled its flagship store in the iconic Vie 5 district. Nestled among illustrious neighbors such as the renowned Marchesi café and the esteemed Taschen coffee table book store, the new by-appointment-only flagship store of Röshults is centrally located indeed. Röshults’ entrance into this historical enclave marks a significant new era in the brand’s journey.

Martin Bornström, the CEO of Röshults, emphasized the brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence in every facet of its creations. “Röshults epitomizes the pinnacle of outdoor kitchen craftsmanship,” he asserted, “with an uncompromising dedication to the finest, most durable and beautiful materials as well as artisanal prowess.”

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“Presenting our extensive range of new kitchens and design furniture in Milan, the epicenter of design, is a natural progression for us,” Martin explained. Indeed, Röshults’ allure lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate elegance and functionality, which resonates with its discerning clientele across the globe.

Central to Röshults’ allure is its innovative modular system, which offers flexibility to cater to diverse needs and spaces. From opulent yacht decks to chic terraces or gardens, Röshults caters to individuals who demand perfection. “The yachting industry, in particular, always seeks out the best, that’s why Röshults has chosen to exclusively utilize high-end, marine-grade stainless steel and the best teak wood, ensuring longevity and luxury in equal measure.”

During the Salone extravaganza in April, Röshults unveiled its latest innovation: the outdoor induction stove, heralding the brand’s foray into an electrifying future. This marks just the beginning of an exciting electric range designed to complement the outdoor culinary cooking experience, especially for urban areas where gas or charcoal cooking is not allowed.

For those yearning to transform their outdoor spaces into veritable sanctuaries of luxury, Röshults’ flagship store beckons. Located at Via Santa Maria Alla Porta 5, the store boasts an extensive array of outdoor kitchens and furniture, meticulously curated to adorn poolside retreats, lounge areas, and al fresco dining havens, all bearing Röshults’ signature contemporary flair.

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