Robb Report Hong Kong’s Annual Culinary Affair with the Greatest Chefs in the World is Back

Chef Yang Dengquan

Chef Yang Dengquan

RR1 Hong Kong Culinary Masters returns: creating unforgettable lifetime memories with master chefs from Europe, Asia, and Middle East in celebration of the silk road

Culinary Masters, an RR1 Signature Event presented by Robb Report Hong Kong and MGM, is set to return to Macau for another edition of gastronomic exploration, forging unbreakable bonds through singular, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and celebrating the exceptional craftsmanship and hard-earned skills of select master chefs.

Hubert Wang, President and Chief Operating Officer of MGM China Holdings Limited, said, “The culinary cultures, ingredients, and cooking techniques of the Silk Road have profoundly influenced the global culinary scene. Located in Macau, a Creative City of Gastronomy where Eastern and Western cultures have co-existed, MGM proactively leverages the synergy between tourism and gastronomy, combining the dynamic culinary arts of the Silk Road with Macau’s rich cultural heritage and distinctive cuisine to create such an unprecedented gourmet feast that helps cement Macau as a top destination for global travelers looking for quality travel experiences.”

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“It is my pleasure to once again present MGM x RR1HK Culinary Masters Macau 2024 for the second year running. Last year, we created a lifetime of memories and accelerated lasting friendships between each and every one of the guests that attended Culinary Masters,” says Tak Man, CEO and publisher of Robb Report Hong Kong. “Beyond eating well, the DNA of Culinary Masters is to celebrate, learn, and honour the effort put into every dish and the creation of each and every plate to truly appreciate every aspect of the chefs’ creations, together with them.”

Chef Chudaree “Tam” Debhakam

A formidable group of the biggest and brightest chefs in the world are dusting off their jackets and (and passports) to convene for the return of Culinary Masters. A celebrated gastronomic journey presented by Robb Report Hong Kong and MGM, the theme of MGM x RR1HK Culinary Masters Macau 2024, “Savor 700 Years of Silk Road Flavors: A Gastronomic Odyssey,” honours the extraordinary culinary traditions of the maritime and land routes of the Silk Road and the 700th anniversary of Marco Polo’s passing. Marco Polo’s legendary travels have inspired a moving feast like no other, and a host of exemplary chefs are setting course for an epicurean quest to reflect this year’s timely theme over a period of three days and two glamorous nights at MGM COTAI, Macau (28–30 June 2024).

Joining hands to chart the six culinary seas and celebrate the historic cultural, economic, and historical developments achieved through the land and maritime routes of the Silk Road, the illustrious culinary line-up will feature chef Yang Dengquan of one-Michelin-starred Five Foot Road at MGM COTAI in Macau; chef Garima Arora of two-Michelin-starred Gaa in Bangkok, the first female Indian chef to receive two Michelin stars; chef Marco Galtarossa from Michelin-starred Ristorante Villa Elena, chef Chudaree “Tam” Debhakam—the first female Thai chef in the world to lead a restaurant with two Michelin stars, chef Sara Aqel of Dara Dining in Amman, —and popular Macanese chef Florita Morais Alves from La Famiglia.

One of the many highlights of “Savor 700 Years of Silk Road Flavors: A Gastronomic Odyssey” will be the 12-hands gala dinner hosted by the full line-up of distinguished chefs, where Mediterranean delights and Middle Eastern flair meet Asian excellence in a confluence of great taste, great style, and great skill, all anchored at the dining table. Each course is prepared by a different Culinary Master to create a symphony of complementary flavours, a carefully curated collaboration of meticulously crafted dishes.

Gala Dinner

Over the long weekend, global guests of MGM x RR1HK Culinary Masters Macau 2024 are encouraged to explore Macau and immerse themselves in this acclaimed destination, itself a fusion of East and West. Designated as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy and populated with the presence of world-renowned chefs and innovative restaurants, Macau is a unique hybrid of fine and fun dining. Intimate cooking classes, wine and tea tastings, special art and city tours, and an exclusive look into the inner workings of hospitality behemoth MGM are also on the cards. Notably, MGM x RR1HK Culinary Masters Macau 2024 will also invite the participating Culinary Masters to an exclusive exchange with the local culinary students and professionals, with the goal of connecting global gastronomic stars with youngster and culinary industries to bolster Macau’s food talents.

Adding a splash of colour to the experience, guests are invited to join the MGM Art Tour, encompassing the “Legend of Chivalry” exhibition held in partnership with legendary sculptor Ren Zhe and the immersive experience of the “A Landscape Of Metamorphosis: No End To End” art installation. For something modern, the monumental “Giraffe Meets Qilin” digital art promises to be a novel adventure, and the mesmerising—and delicious! — “Fondant Art Exhibition” is the talk of the town. Whether it is the adoptable flying dolphin from the “Sea Odyssey” show or the “M Art” creative experience, the showcase of local and regional talent is like no other.

Inviting guests to view more of the island from every angle, the MGM “Macau Cruise” Sightseeing Cruise promises to be a memorable affair and includes a visit to Coloane village and the “Into the World of Wuxia Legends” exhibition at Barra, a collaborated exhibition with TVB which showcases the Jin Yong’s wuxia drama costumes and weapons, with dramatic and vivid viewing of erstwhile tales and legends.

Tea Master Class

For the plethora of guests driving, boating, and flying in from around the region, the artistic, cultural, and culinary excursions promise to be an eye-opening, entertaining, and informative affair as the all-encompassing programme caters to diverse interests and tastes of all stripes.

As host city, Macau will open its arms to guests to sample the unique and immersive cross-cultural experience found only in the territory. Local and international guests are invited to celebrate the historical exchange between Asian and Western culture through art, architecture, drink, and dining experiences, putting on a showcase the finest in global gastronomy as an invaluable example of how cultural heritage comes with every dish and culinary adventure.

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